Are You Looking for a Dog Walker/Pet Sitter In Charlotte, NC?

Where’s My Walk is a Uniquely Professional First Class Pet Care Service Providing Pet Sitting & Dog Walking in Charlotte & Surrounding Areas!

If you are in searching for an amazing pet sitter or dog walker in Charlotte give us a call! Our services are exclusively tailored for your precious dogs and cats needs. We are EXTREMELY reliable, responsible and organized. Dogs want to get outside in the beautiful sunshine and get some playtime and Vitamin D while in the sun, hence the phrase, “Where’s My Walk”.

pet_sitters_logoWe are insured through Pet Sitters Associates.  Although we specialize in Dogs and Cats we will take care of fish and other small pets upon special request.

Why hire us as your professional Dog Walker in Charlotte?

Our main focus is dog walking for your pet family when you work a long day and are unable to come home from your busy day during the week as well as weekends. We believe everyone needs time to relax and unwind to find peace and happiness in your life.

What better way to relax than to make sure your precious pets are in the best care imaginable? Where’s My Walk Pet Services is trustworthy. We will give your pets a tremendous amount of love and attention while you’re unable to be with them. We will play with your dog, of course go for FUN WALKS, and ensure your pets safety at all times. Please call us at (704) 995-0626 to schedule a FREE consultation !

As a professional dog walker in Charlotte, our dedication and love is for both the clients that request our services and their precious dogs. We have the opportunity to spend time with your sweet dog and pay attention to every detail about him or her. All dogs have their quirks and we love to know what they are so we can cater to their needs!

Does your dog like to walk carrying a stick or ball? Is your dog scared of bridges or loud noises? Whatever your dogs needs are, we will be certain to cater to those needs, that’s what makes Where’s My Walk so UNIQUE! We’re not looking to be the BIGGEST company in Charlotte, just THE BEST!

Are you ready to experience why Where’s My Walk is so different and individualized to your dogs needs? We are ready to meet you and your precious dogs and cats. We also care for kittens and cats but of course, we don’t walk them unless you would like us to. Our dedication and love is both the clients that request our services and their precious dogs.

Your dog wants to  go for a walk outside and see all the beauty outdoors, we want to be the one to walk with them! Regular walks are great for your dogs physical and mental health. Walks for dogs are a great outlet for their energy, after all a tired dog is a good dog! When dogs go for consistent regular walks throughout the day it provides your dog a chance to explore nature instead of being cooped up inside.

Regular walks break up the alone time your dog experiences during the time you are at work, at dinner party’s, lunch with friends/family or during holidays. Many dogs will wreck the house if left alone too long, so breaking up with the day with a few walks will help them with their boredom when they’re home all alone.

When we meet with your dog, after a few walks they will come to really love us! You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is being cared for by our employee’s that love animals and do this for the passion of it.