How The Amber Collar Got Rid Of Fleas On My Dogs Naturally

If you have a dog  that has picked up fleas I am sure you know it is a complete nightmare to try to get RID of the fleas. Over the years I have tried several natural products and none have gotten rid of the fleas. I tried the oral pills for fleas my veterinarian recommended but that made one of my dogs sick and the other one’s muscles in his back legs locked up leaving him walking very stiffly and unable to jump. I found both of these things extremely sad and disheartening. I finally gave up and  tried the Seresto Collar but I have to tell you the chemicals in this collar are SO toxic it made both my dogs almost catatonic after only wearing the collar 4 hours! The chemicals in  Seresto ®contains two active ingredients: imidacloprid which kills adult fleas, flea larvae and lice – and flumethrin, which repels and kills adult ticks, larvae and nymphs. I must warn you this will also have serious side effects on your dog and I have read of cases where dogs became so ill from this collar they had to be rushed to the vet.

This collar was my last hope of ridding the fleas but after I saw my dogs were almost passed out from these chemicals I thought to myself, “What good is it if my dogs have no fleas but they won’t get up and play because the chemicals in the collar are being released into their fur and making them sick?”

I knew I had to do something else. I did research for almost 2 weeks until I finally found something amazing that is 100% Natural, kills fleas AND WORKS! HOORAY! What is it?? It’s called The Amber Collar! This collar is so incredible and amazing I recommend it to everyone that wants to keep their pets flea free!

I will share the link to buy an Amber Collar or get more information if you are interested!

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