Owner – Where’s My Walk

Meet Christina, Owner of Where’s My Walk Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in Charlotte, NC.

Hello my name is Christina! I am the owner and creator of Where’s My Walk Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. You may be wondering why I started a dog walking business.

After 15 years of working in the business world and never feeling quite happy, I decided to follow my heart and fulfill my dream of working with animals. I feel it’s very important for me to be happy and fulfilled with what I choose to do in life and since I want to feel that happiness daily, I opened Where’s My Walk.

Another reason why I started Where’s My Walk is I treat my pets like royalty. Whenever I wanted to go away I wondered, “Who can I trust to take care of my precious pets?” I personally could never leave my pet at a kennel and when I go away on vacation I usually go with the people who I trust the most.

They also happen to be the ones I would think of watching my pets, however they are not are licensed, insured or trained to handle many things that a professional such as myself could handle. I bring professionalism, caring and sensitivity to your pets needs and incorporate it all into the Dog Walking experience.

I’m not just a Dog Walker or a pet sitter, I am also a MASTER DOG TRAINER! Working with animals is my passion! I put my heart and soul into caring for your precious pets. Of course I have a tremendous amount of fun with the pets and love them but I take my responsibilities of being an animal care taker very seriously. I am trust worthy and will treat your precious pets just as well as my own.

After all, dogs love going for walks and always seem to wonder when they will be able to go on their next walk. Dogs love walks just as much as you may love sitting on the beach with a cool refreshing beverage or sitting by the fireplace cuddled up with a super soft blanket. I’m sure you remember your last amazing vacation and wonder when you will be able to go again.

Our dedication and love for both the clients that request our services and the details we attend to makes Where’s My Walk truly unique. We want to know everything possible about your precious pet so we can address their individual needs.

Are you ready to see how Where’s My Walk is so different and individualized all your pets needs? Give us a call. We are ready to meet you and your precious dogs or cats!