Dog Walking Services

Being a stay-at-home parents isn’t easy. Neither is being a stay at home all day dog! Your dog’s activities while you are away are very minimal. At best they can sleep or eat, they can sit on the furniture (if they are lucky enough) and pick out a tasty wooden leg of your dining room table or love seat and chew on your best pair of shoe’s to rip apart. If only there was a better way for your dog to be occupied, have fun, not be bored or ruin your valuables. THERE IS! We will occupy your dog, give your dog a fun and healthy walk as well as the attention they crave!

Natural Wellness Consultation *Call Us For Our Rates

Are you tired of using meds to try and help your dog? Do you not believe in meds and feel natural remedies are best? Is your pet suffering from an illness and you don’t know where else to turn but you know meds have not helped your pet or have made things worse? If so I am the owner of Where’s My Walk and I am here to help you and your pet! Set up a natural wellness consultation now! We will review your pets medical history, food, behavior and I will make recommendations on how to help heal your pets ailments.

Weekly Dog Walking  


The Quick & Fun Walk Package *20 Minute Walks 

This  package is great for dogs that prefer to be inside most of the time or dogs that only need a quick walk. Some dogs are frightened of other dogs or loud noises, some dogs have some special needs and can only handle a 20 minute walk. Many senior pets cannot walk for long periods of time so this package caters well to their special needs.

Dogs Walking Towards Happiness Package *30 Minute Walks 

This is our most POPULAR PACKAGE! We feel younger and vibrant dogs full of energy truly need  at least 30 minutes to walk and enjoy the outdoors. Dogs love to explore, mark their territory and do their business outside. A healthy dog will have healthy eliminations and a healthier digestive system, stronger kidneys and a relaxed bladder from being able to relieve themselves and go for more frequent walks per day. Please call us for our current special pricing. 

The Happy & Lucky Dog Package *60 Minute Walks

This is our MOST FUN package! It is specifically designed for dogs that enjoy long walks, a lot of outside stimulation, enjoy socializing with other dogs, love watching geese and ducks, enjoy a squirrel chase and the happy excitement of being able to be outdoors for longer periods of time.

Cats and Kittens

What about cats??? Don’t worry we also cater to the needs of your precious cat or kitten!

Happy Cat/Kitten Package *25-30 Minute Visits Per Day

This package caters to the needs kitten or cat. Your cat(s) still needs fresh water, fresh food and a clean litter box even if they want to hide under the couch and pretend they don’t see us. We understand not all cats enjoy the company of people they are not used to. Some cats don’t enjoy being played with, some are shy and some just love their privacy. There is not additional charge for up to 2 cats. If you have more than 2 cats there is $2 charge per cat, per visit. All cats must be visited at least once every 24 hours.

Vacation Pet Sitting For A Dog and Cat


Do you own a CAT and a DOG? We have a flat rate fee for both one dog and one cat so we can care for both of your pets offering excellent care for both of them. We make sure your dog is walked, has fresh food, fresh water and has some fun playtime. In addition we make sure your cat has fresh food, fresh water, a clean litter box and playtime if they enjoy playtime.

Dog Training *Call us for our rates

We offer 30 minute or 60 minute dog training sessions: potty training, behavioral training, dog socialization skills, basic commands, walk on a leash properly without pulling, and much more!

Is your dog:

Barking at other dogs, people on the street?

Chewing your shoes, clothes, or things around the house he/she shouldn’t be chewing up?

Needs to be potty trained?

Does your dog know basic commands;  SIT, STAY, COME, DOWN, etc. ?

Is your dog doing something that is extremely frustrating you?