Getting A New Puppy?

Getting A New Puppy? Read This First!baby pup


Puppies are so cute, cuddly and sweet aren’t they? When you love animals you will absolutely love puppies but sometimes we don’t think about what a huge responsibility they are. Having a puppy is similar to having a baby because they need to have constant care, they need to be fed more frequently when they are puppies and will absolutely need to go to the bathroom every two to four hours.

Since you will probably be working during the day you will need a dog walker to care for your sweet puppy while you’re at work, meetings, away on vacation or enjoying a glamorous lunch or dinner with your favorite people, co workers and or loved ones. We want you to be able to enjoy your day and not worry about getting stuck in traffic and missing your entire lunch break trying to race home and care for your puppy. Where’s My Walk of Charlotte, NC is here to take your puppy on a walk, offer fresh water, food, treats, playtime and make sure they are safe.

It is very important to read up on puppy safety and puppy proof your home before getting a puppy as they love to chew, nip and get into almost everything they shouldn’t. Brand new shoes? Careful your puppy may think that is a new chew toy for him or her. Cell phone charger cords and plugs? Puppies also love to chew on those! If you have small children in the home be careful to pick up their toys as small puppies will find even the tiniest toy or thumbtack, nail, paperclip, or rubber band and could choke on it.

Never crate a puppy with their collar on as they could get it caught on a part of the crate and choke and or suffocate themselves. Puppies like to test us and see how much they can get away with. They need to be taught at a young age what they can play with and what they can not play with. Instead of putting a ton of toys in their crate or play area put a few puppy safe toys for them to play with and rotate their toys so they keep interested. Kong’s are highly recommended as they can keep entertained with those for a long time. Puppies need to be entertained otherwise they find things to chew and destroy. Please do not give them any bones or things to chew on that they can choke on. If you are going to give them peanut butter make sure it is free of sugar, partially hydrogenated oils and other chemicals that are toxic and harmful for your new puppy as their stomachs and whole systems are very sensitive.

Teach your puppy as early as possible the meaning of the word “no”, “off”, “leave it” “good girl and or good boy” as they need a lot of praise as well. Enjoy your puppy they grow up so fast!

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