How To Heal Your Pets With Homeopathy and Natural Remedies

I am extremely grateful and thankful for Veterinarians to care for our pets, however I find almost all visits to the are the same. Pet is ill, we take our pets to the vet, our pet gets examined and then a diagnosis is given of what may be wrong with our precious pet. That’s wonderful but what comes next doesn’t seem so wonderful. Did you guess what comes next? If you guessed medication or pharmaceutical drugs for pets then you guessed correctly! I feel now a days most Doctors weather for people or animals feel the number one solution is automatically meds and it doesn’t matter what the illness is either. Does you pet have bloodshot eyes? Meds! Earache? Meds! Rash? Meds! No matter what is going on with our pets it seems meds are always pushed! Medication for our pets can be extremely toxic and invasive to their systems, not to mention vaccinations which are extremely toxic and harmful. Think about this for a moment. How many dogs die each year from vaccinations? According to the CBV *Center for Veterinary Biologics over 99% of vaccine reactions go unreported in both dogs and cats. We are pet owners must educate ourselves about pet meds and vaccines as we are the decision makers and voice for our pets. They don’t get to make their own decisions so we must be extra cautious when we decide to give our pets pills, meds and vaccines. Many dogs are extremely ill because of the meds the doctor says they need, and many pets are ill because of the food they are being fed, others are ill because of vaccines and last but not least many pets are ill because of the horrible combination of meds, terrible processed food and vaccines. I don’t think most pet owners realize just how harmful these meds and vaccines are for our pets. Flea and tick meds are so toxic and cancer causing. Think about how much poison they must put in these flea and tick remedies in order to kill these fleas and ticks on our pets? Those toxins in the flea and tick tubes go on your dogs skin and into their bloodstream. No wonder so many of our pets are so sick! I urge you all to consider homeopathic and natural herbal remedies for your pets when they are ill. I highly recommend a company called Hampl. They are from Australia and their products work phenomenally.  Their products have cured one of my pets from pancreatitis as well as many other issues like corneal ulcers, upset stomach, rashes, kidney issue, sluggish liver and much more. Another thing I recommend is nutrients and vitamin supplements for our pets. I recommend a company called Halo! Check them out! dog fruit 1

Nature has created so many benefits to help cure and heal illnesses. This goes for people as well as animals. Did you know if your pet has an earache or ear issues raw apple cider vinegar drops in the ear can cure that? I have a tremendous amount of knowledge in homeopathic medicine for animals and went to school for it. If you are tired of having your pets vaccinated and want to stop giving them medication please set up a consultation with me. I am the owner of Where’s My Walk Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Charlotte, NC. Check us out at or give us a call at 704-995-0626.



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