Wellness Consultations for Dogs and Cats in Charlotte, NC

Have you noticed your cat or dog is ill and they are not getting better? They have been in and out of the vets office many times but they still aren’t well and their issues are still present? Do you feel uncomfortable giving your pets medications and pharmaceuticals to treat illness’s? If so you are in luck, keep reading!┬áDid you know we offer Wellness Consultations for your dogs and cats?

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We will do an evaluation of your pet, and give natural recommendations of how to help your pet(s) heal naturally without any pharmaceutical meds or harmful topical ointments. We believe in homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs, as well as herbs and a natural diet.

We specialize in offering your pet the healthiest lifestyle possible. We will educate you on options for your pet and it is your option what you would like to do from there. The choice is yours, and it’s simple. Call 704-995-0626 today to schedule a wellness consultation now! Isn’t $50 worth a second opinion? You will be glad you called, we are waiting to hear from you, we are just a phone call away!

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