What Ingredients Are Really Used To Make Most Dog Foods?

pets foodFrom the very young age of eight years old I have believed in natural herbs, organic living, holistic health, homeopathy, acupuncture, Chiropractic and natural remedies. I always felt these natural remedies were much better for us than prescription drugs and over the counter medications that have side effects. All of us want to feel better when we are sick or experiencing some discomfort from perhaps an itchy rash or upset stomach. When our pets become ill we take them to the vet because they are trained to care for our pets however our pets are in the midst of an epidemic.  It’s not an epidemic of viral disease, but of chronic ill health. Most people feed their dogs and cats dry or wet dog food yet they have no idea how processed this food actually is. Curious what is really in some of your dogs food you are buying for them? I strongly suggest you read all the ingredients in your dogs pet food but also please realize wet or dry dog food is not naturally occurring in the wild and very depleted of vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy. So just what could be in your dogs food? Take a look below.


Here’s a short list of some of the unsavory raw materials. And although each of the following ingredients are appalling, each can be lawfully used to make dog food:

  • Slaughterhouse waste (organs, heads, hooves, beaks, feet)
  • Bread and cereal rejects (cobs, stalks, mill sweepings)
  • Dying, diseased and disabled farm animals
  • Road kill (deer, skunks, and raccoons)
  • Contaminated grain middlings
  • Distiller fermentation waste
  • Spoiled supermarket food
  • Euthanized cats and dogs
  • Restaurant grease
  • Dead zoo animals
  • the ingredients most likely to be made in this same way tend to have vague names that fail to clearly identify the source animal.For example:
    • Animal by-product meal
    • Meat by-product meal
    • Animal fat
    • Dead pets collected from shelters are frequently thrown into the grinder with their flea collars still attached. Insecticide-laced patches found on the skin of slaughtered cattle are also carelessly added to the mix.Antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals follow livestock directly into the soup. And drugs given to euthanize animals have been regularly found in the rendered product.Unwanted metal contaminants can be traced to a variety of sources including pet collars, ID tags, surgical pins and needles.

      Even plastics can sometimes end up in the process. SCARY ISN’T IT? I thought so. This is why I have taken my dogs completely off all dog food and put them on freeze dried raw food. I recommend Primal and Bravo.

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